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At Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, we provide the teaching and learning program International Business and natural resource management, as a minor option within Bachelor education. Our aim is to support young professionals in a world in transition, from fossil fuel based linear economy to a sustainable, renewable, fair and circular combined economy, ecology and society based on natural capital. Alexander Prinsen inspires students, teachers and other VHL colleagues to trust and embrace the uncertainty and the unknown future. He connects economy, ecology and sociology to rethink a whole system that creates values in multiple facets. From fair business earning from CO2 emissions to the important role of micro-organisms to revive deteriorated sea coast and wasted arid land. For me as coordinator of this minor, I learned probably the most. I am able to pass on my vision on sustainability in new found words and stronger images to other students, colleagues, managers, friends and family.”
Pauline Drost, teacher researcher towards circular economy in agrifood sector at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands


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