Alexander Prinsen

Managing Partner of The Zero Waste Consultant firm and has over 10 years of consultancy experience in Executive Search and Business Development. Since 2013 his interest for sustainable solutions has let him to travel the world to research promising sustainable solutions on how they can solve our challenges.

Alexander has an unique entrepreneurial perspective how to solve current technological challenges based on Natures ingenuity. He bridges Science and Entrepreneurship to increase competitiveness of organizations by adopting “Total Productivity of Matter”.

He teaches at his self-proclaimed MBA Academy (Masters of Beautiful Achievements). He co-founded the Embedded Sustainability Initiative bringing Sustainable Leadership to Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Alexander is an inspirational Speaker and Writer sharing a story of hope and innovation driven by global entrepreneurs working on solving our current and future challenges using nature as their inspiration.

Associates and Network

The Zero Waste Consultant is a global network experts from different fields to support the implementation of the Zero Waste Strategy into your business. The network consists of:

Microbial Experts
Systemic Designers
Industrial Designers
Leadership Facilitators
Biomimicry Specialists
to name a few…

Associated Consultants

Tom Snow

Systemic designer & Innovation-Product Developer

Director of designContext, and systemic designer, with 15 years of experience working in industry and as a consultant, as an industrial designer and concept-design manager in innovation and the circular economy.

Since 2008, his work evolved from technology and product development into more technical circular-economy projects, from Advanced Services, to Remanufacturing, to Internet-of-Things (I.O.T); and from 2014 the scope has been enlarged, through longer-term studies in Human Development, Economics, Ecology, and Regenerative Agriculture.

Using his systemic approach, he is able to frame and manage innovation projects, build project teams, lead research and prototyping assignments, and help support the development of innovative and strategic technical and organizational solutions (from value chain design, to production design, to organizational design, to product or service design).


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