Alexander Prinsen

Managing Partner of The Zero Waste Consultant. Since 2008 he has been advising companies how to become innovative through leadership, innovation and systems thinking. Alexander has an unique entrepreneurial perspective how to solve current technological challenges based on Natures ingenuity. He bridges pragmatic Natural Science and Business(eco)Nomics, or in short merging (eco)Logical Thinking with (eco)Nomics Doing, to increase the competitiveness of organizations by applying Systemic Sustainable Design Thinking.

He shares interesting cases at the Masters of Beautiful Achievements blog.

He hosts the Masters of Beautiful Achievements podcas

He teaches part-time my insights at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences for the minor International Business & Natural Resource Management since 2018.

He is podcast host of Nieuw Voer, a Dutch business network and podcast talk-show exploring the opportunities and system challenges of the global Agricultural Transition and Biobased Economy

Associates and Network

The Zero Waste Consultant is a global network experts from different fields to support the implementation of the Zero Waste Strategy into your business. The network consists of:

Microbial Experts
Systemic Designers
Industrial Designers
Leadership Facilitators
Biomimicry Specialists
to name a few…


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